Pizzolato for Battisti? An idea for the Italian government

Antonio Pinho

volta pra itália

Picture taken during the Act Against Cesare Battisti, at the Federal University of Santa Catarina

Apparently, communists are simply never ashamed of themselves. Battisti caused loads of harm in Italy. He killed and assaulted many innocent folk, was engaged in many terrorist acts, and yet, Lula and Dilma socialist government welcomed him with a bear hug! But it does not stop there! They also provided him with an employment and fancy housing. This very government, upon the defection of those Cuban athlets during the 2007 Panamerican games, acted very differently. The athletes were repatriated to Cuba, and since then, no word was heard from them. They simply vanished.

Now that Pizzolato was arrested by the Italian police, here it comes an idea: what about exchanging prisoners with the Italian Government? Tell this to “Presidentess*” Dilma: we’ll send you Pizzolato, without problems, as long as you send us Battisti”. The Brazilian people hate the mensaleiros**, Pizzolato being one of them. It would be a great favor to our people – many of us, in fact, have Italian ancestry.

Italy can actually do us two big favours. We’d get rid of a terrorist, whom will be extradicted to his land and imprisoned for life, and another one would spent a couple of years jailed here.

Unfortunately, our laws aren’t strict enough, and Pizzolato will spent very little time actually, much less than he deserves for all the money he took from us.

But thats our idea, a very simple one: give us Pizzolato only if we handle you Battisti. Be inflexible and help the Brazilian people with getting rid of a communist murderer.

* – In both Portuguese and English, the nouns “Presidente” and “President” remain the same regardless of the gender of the person. However, being a hardcore feminist, Dilma Rousseff created the term “Presidenta”, something like “Presidentess” in English, which DOES NOT EXIST AT ALL and is gramatically unproper.

** – Name given to those involved in the “Mensalão” (MEN-SAH-LAH-UM, the last “a” being nasalized) case, the biggest corruption scandal to hit us so far. More about it can be read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mensalão_scandal

Translated by Vitor Vieira


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